About us

What’s your background?

Wedebugyou was founded by Jean Debogue a network consultant. Jean gained a lot of valuable experience working in Canada. He saw all the complexity of delivering IT services for small, medium and big enterprises.

How did you started?

Jean realised that many enterprises need specialised consultants for short period of time.

Reasons are because sometimes…

  • they don’t want to overload their staff with on-going projects.
  • they sought a second advice before investing in big IT project.
  • they need to replace an early leave.

He decided to offer his talents and expertise online after his normal work. Soon after his professional colleagues realised that they also have some free time to offer their knowledge.

Where are we?

We add trusted consultants and we satisfy more clients every year.
Check the world map to see the location of our information technology consultants.
Click on a star on the map to see the profile of our experts.

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