How to prevent and mititgate DDoS part 1?

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Published on: November 27, 2012

We all heard about DDoS and we all fear them. We all hope to never be a victim of hackers or be ask for a ransom in exchange to not be DDoS. The day it’s happening to you, you realize it’s too late. You call your ISP and they tell you it will costs 3000$ to filter the DDoS. The attacker ask for 1000$ in exchange to not DDoS you. You don’t know what to do and then you start to panic.

We will explain you how to prevent a DDoS in part1 of this blog. This means the steps to do before a hacker contacts you or if you prefer: preparation. The second part will contain the steps to mitigate a DDoS or what to do while you are under attack.

The steps to prevent a DDoS can be resume in this:

1 – Increase the number of concurrent connections
2 – Apply an antispoof ruleset
3 – Enable SYNproxy
4 – Prepare a black list
5 – Configure Rate-limit

A little story

But before we go in the details have you red The Pillars of the Earth from Ken Follett? In this novel a little village call Kingsbridge build a cathedral. The rival village is jealous and decide to raid them. They killed half of the villagers and burned everything. Many years later they restarted to build the cathedral. Again, the story repeat but, this time a young knight heard that they will raid. He returne