How to use bonjour over vpn

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Published on: January 3, 2013

What is bonjour?
Bonjour is a very nice zero configuration service enabled on Mac computers by default.
If you are a Mac user, you should be familiar with the finder and it’s many features. You know how to browse the files on your server, the printer is configure by default and you can Remote Desktop the other computers in your network. When you are outside of the enterprise network it seems that finder can’t find anymore the enterprise resources even if the vpn is connected.

Why Bonjour doesn’t work with the normal vpn?
Bonjour relies on multicast and by default, the multicast doesn’t cross routers. Since the normal vpn are consider router, the multicasts from the mac servers in the enterprise, are not forwarded to the mac clients outside of your enterprise network.

How to enable Bonjour or Mac zero configuration service over a vpn?
The trick is to use a “bridge” vpn. Once the bridge vpn is connected, it will simulate a virtual connection to your enterprise office but without router. This way, the computer connected over