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Jean Debogue

Jean Debogue

IT consultant at Wedebugyou
I am a Canadian that lived a couple of years in Austria. My several years of experience in IT permits me to deliver quality solutions that scale for my clients. I am an expert in ipv6, security, web hosting, cloud and any kind of IT solutions. I am able to solve problems of great complexity. I like challenges and I always enjoy the process of achieving a successful outcome.

How to install and configure smokeping on CentOS 6 or CentOS 5?

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Smokeping is a very useful network monitoring tool but it’s also very complicated to install and configure. Here are the steps for installing smokeping on CentOS 6 or CentOS 5. To make it easier to deploy we recommend to temporarily disable selinux with this command: setenforce 0 1 – Install rpmforge # yum install wget[…]

Fix browser slowness with ipv6 enabled computer

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When I received my ipv6 tunnel from Tunnelbroker I was very happy to finally try ipv6. I am running an ipv6 tunnel over ipv4 to reach hurricane electric ipv6 network. My first reaction was like Felix Baumgartner when he was on the edge of his stratosphere capsule. Finally I am there. Then when I jumped[…]

SSD boost votre ordinateur

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Êtes-vous une de ces personnes qui êtes revenu à la maison avec votre nouvelle ordinateur toute excitée? Il contient microsoft windows 7 ou mac OS X mountain lion, plusieurs cores and beaucoup de RAM! Vous vous dites qu’il est tellement bon qu’il va ê très rapide et finallement vous pouvez vous débarassez de votre vieux[…]

SSD boosts your computer performance

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Are you one of these person who came back home with your new computer very excited? It has microsoft windows 7 or mac OS X mountain lion, multiple cores and a lot of RAM! You tell yourself it’s so good it will be fast and finally you can get rid of your old slow computer[…]

Defrag improves your computer performance

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To understand this, we need to know how files are written on the hard disk. Let’s take a file with the size of 1 MB. When windows writes this file to permanently store it, in fact it chops that file in several smaller pieces. For this example let’s say our Operating system use pieces of[…]


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